Apps that have been reviewed and approved by FLIR may be given the “FLIR Approved” status. By attaining the FLIR Approved status, this is a verification that the App conforms to FLIR’s corporate guidelines and policies for appropriate content and user experience. FLIR does not review the App for compliance with Intellectual Property rights, safety, or other potential factors that may result in liability to the Developer. Thus FLIR disclaims any and all liability that may arise through a third party’s use of the App or whether the App will meet any quality standard or level of merchantability. Provided Developer accepts the foregoing, the approved apps can be marketed as FLIR Approved using our exclusive logo, they will be listed on our website’s App Gallery, they’ll be considered for our Featured App in the month they’re released, and they may be included in our marketing and promotional activities – giving free publicity for the developer and the app.

To qualify for the FLIR Approved status, just follow these simple steps:


    Join the FLIR One developer community

    Congrats, Step One is already complete! You’re in the FLIR One developer community.


    Download the FLIR One SDK and start developing

    If you haven’t already done so, download the Legacy FLIR One SDK for iOS or Android and begin turning your awesome idea into a real app.


    Send your release candidate to us for review

    Release the “release candidate” version of your app to for review using your platform of choice (Testflight, HockyApp, Fabric, or simply email the app’s .ipa file to


    Complete the app review form

    Complete the simple app review form to give FLIR basic info about your app and to let them know you’ve released an app to them for review.


    Receive feedback from FLIR

    You’ll shortly receive feedback from FLIR by email detailing any improvement suggestions or change requests.


    Receive final approval from FLIR

    Once those requests are satisfied FLIR will reply to let you know the app is approved by FLIR and provide information for your submission to Apple or Google and for usage of the FLIR Approved logo.


    Submit to Apple or Google app store

    Once Apple or Google approve the app it’s officially on the market! Congratulations!