In addition to the official FLIR apps, we’ve built below a showcase of the best of breed apps written for the FLIR ONE. While FLIR approved these apps prior to their release, FLIR isn’t responsible for ongoing availability of the apps or for the usage of these apps by FLIR ONE customers.

Application Approval Key
FLIR Approved Application Generation 3
Generation 3
and below
FLIR Approved Application Generation 2
Generation 2
and below only
The Gen 3 FLIR ONE and FLIR ONE Pro devices have upgraded imagers over the Gen 2 devices, and to be compatible with them apps must be produced from scratch – or updated and re-released – using the Gen 3 SDK. You can identify which FLIR ONE apps have been tested and confirmed to work with Gen 3 products by looking for the Gen 3 Approved App logo shown here: