June 2020 Developer Update

Hey FLIR developers, Here we are in June already and what a strange year it’s been. I hope that you’re all safe, healthy, and busily working on cool code wherever you may be. Things have been crazy busy at FLIR lately, we were dubbed a provider of “critical infrastructure” and we’ve been scrambling to create, […]

Global Thermal App Challenge Results

Hey FLIR developers, As I write this we’re deep into the fight against the global COVID-19 pandemic and I hope that you’re all safe, healthy, and secure wherever you may be. We’re all in this together with many of us working from home, and I’m personally feeling very appreciative of the healthcare workers and others […]

March 2020 Developer Update

Hey FLIR developers, Wow, how things have shifted in the month since I last posted.   The global COVID-19 pandemic is affecting nearly everybody, everywhere in some way and I sincerely hope you’re all safe, healthy, and secure wherever you may be.  Here are a few quick updates for you from the FLIR mobile developer program: […]

February 2020 Update

Hey FLIR developers, Let’s start with a big shout out our friends at The Bee Corp for being the first developer to create and publicly launch an app based on the FLIR Mobile SDK. Not only is a great app serving a super-worthy cause, it’s also the first app I know to be developed using […]

December Update

Hey FLIR developers, It’s been an exciting couple of months with the release of the FLIR Mobile SDK and the steady inflow of new app ideas in the Global Thermal App Challenge! It’s clear we’ve opened the door to a whole new level of mobile apps with the new SDK and it’s great to see […]

Announcing FLIR Mobile SDK and New App Challenge!

Hey mobile app developers, We’ve been working toward this for a while now and I’m excited to finally deliver the big news – on November 4th we’re releasing the production version of the new FLIR Mobile SDK! Announcing the all-new FLIR Mobile SDK Your mobile apps can now use the power of the Sixth Sense […]

FLIR ONE Developer Summer Update

Hello FLIR ONE developers, It’s been a while since my last post and I have a lot of important FLIR ONE and app development news to share with you.  Let’s jump right in! I’m happy to report that there are now twenty-six approved Gen 3 FLIR ONE apps, along with an additional sixteen FLIR ONE […]

Happy New Year to FLIR ONE app Developers!

Happy new year, FLIR ONE app developers! The rollout of new Gen 3-ready FLIR ONE apps was slowed by the recent compatibility issue with iOS 11.2, but I’m happy to report that with the release of iOS 11.2.5 things are back on track and new app submissions are starting to roll again.  We’re sorry for […]