General FLIR Mobile Developer Program Questions

What is the FLIR Developer Program?

It’s a FLIR program that enables software developers to develop applications that work with FLIR products including thermography cameras, test and measurement devices, and some camera core components.

Is there a cost to join the FLIR Developer Program?

There is currently no cost to join the program, and generally speaking the software development tools (SDKs, API documentation, etc.) are available free of charge. If your project requires additional support from FLIR, reach out to us to ask for a quote.

Where can I find information about the FLIR Developer Program?

The developer program is hosted at

What Software Developer Kits (SDKs) are available through the FLIR Developer Program?

For mobile app development we offer the FLIR Mobile SDK which supports development of mobile apps that work with the FLIR ONE products, select WiFi-enabled professional thermography cameras, and also some of FLIR’s MeterLink-enabled test and measurement devices.  We plan to release a version that adds support for the CAT S62 device in summer of 2021.  We also currently offer the legacy FLIR ONE SDK which supports development of mobile apps that work only with the FLIR ONE family of products and the CAT S60/S61 devices, but that SDK will be end-of-lifed in summer of 2021.  For desktop app development we offer the Atlas SDK which supports development of applications that work with FLIR’s professional thermography cameras.  For component solution development we offer SDKs for the Lepton product family, the Boson product family, and the Automotive Development Kit (ADK).

If I want to develop a mobile app that uses one of the SDKs but I don’t have the resources or skills to do it myself, is there a referral program by which FLIR can connect me with a qualified developer?

Absolutely – there are two ways we can help.  Our FLIR Certified Developer program was created for the purpose of connecting you with well-trained and well-qualified developers to create thermal-enabled apps.  For some larger development jobs FLIR has internal resources that may be available on contract.  Visit or contact for more information.

FLIR Mobile SDK and FLIR ONE SDK Developer Questions

What is the FLIR Mobile Software Developer Kit (SDK)?

It’s a package of resources we make available to software developers to enable them to develop mobile applications for use with the FLIR ONE product family, for select WiFi-enabled FLIR thermography cameras, and some Meterlink-enabled test and measurement devices.

What is the FLIR ONE Software Developer Kit (SDK)?

FLIR ONE SDK is our legacy SDK to develop mobile applications for use exclusively with the FLIR ONE product family. We do not recommend using this if you are starting development today.

Does the FLIR ONE SDK work with other FLIR thermography products besides FLIR ONE?

No. Using the FLIR Tools Mobile app you can process images taken with other FLIR thermography products but we recommend using the FLIR Mobile SDK to enable your mobile app to work with as many FLIR products as possible.

Will FLIR continue to support both the FLIR ONE and FLIR Mobile SDKs?

The FLIR Mobile SDK extends the capabilities of the FLIR ONE SDK and replaces it. Contact us if you need help transitioning.   We have provided app migration guides here to help developers migrate apps built using one of the FLIR ONE SDKs to the equivalent FLIR Mobile SDK.

What mobile devices are the SDKs compatible with?

Refer to our mobile device compatibility page at  Both the FLIR Mobile SDK and FLIR ONE SDK are tested to be compatible with those same devices.  Additional Android devices not listed may or may not be compatible at this time, but general compatibility guidelines are provided and we’re working on adding additional Android devices.

How can I buy a FLIR ONE or other FLIR thermal cameras?

Just visit our online store, where you can choose from iOS or Android compatible FLIR ONE units or any number of Wi-Fi thermal imaging cameras that work with app built using the FLIR Mobile SDK.

Is there a way for developers to get access to free or discounted FLIR hardware to use in app development work?

We can support you on this in two ways.  Our loaner program makes some thermal cameras and measurement devices available for short-terms loans to support your development and testing efforts, subject to availability and qualification.  Our developer discount program enables registered FLIR developers to purchase a limited number of devices at a 25% discount.  Contact for more information.

Are the FLIR Mobile and FLIR One SDK compatible with all versions of FLIR ONE hardware?

The FLIR Mobile SDK and the latest FLIR ONE SDK and are backward compatible with Gen 1, Gen 2, and Gen 3 FLIR ONE hardware.  Previous generations of the FLIR ONE SDK are not forward compatible so any FLIR ONE apps developed using an older version of the SDK need to be recompiled using the Gen 3 SDK and/or the FLIR Mobile SDK.

What’s included in the FLIR Mobileand FLIR One Software Developer Kits (SDKs)?

The SDK code, API documentation, developer tools including a getting started guide, and sample code.

Is there a cost to access the FLIR Mobile and FLIR One Software Developer Kits (SDKs)?

No, they’re available free of charge for registered developers.

Where can I download the FLIR Mobile and FLIR One SDKs?

You will have access to the FLIR Mobile and FLIR One SDKs on the developer site once you sign up as a member of the FLIR Developer Program on that site.  After signing up, choose the “Mobile” page, then choose either the “FLIR ONE” or “FLIR Mobile” SDK option, then navigate to getting started, then download the SDK of your choice.

What is the FLIR Approved Application program?

Developers of apps that are intended to be released to the public are required under terms of the FLIR Mobile and FLIR One SDK license agreements to submit the apps to FLIR for review and approval prior to making them available publicly (including through the Apple App Store and Google Play Store).  This is to ensure high app quality and compliance with terms of the license agreement, and also to protect the end user experience.  Apps that have been reviewed and approved by FLIR may be made publicly available, can be marketed using the FLIR Approved Application logo below, and may also be included in the FLIR Approved App Gallery.

FLIR Approved Application Badge

Are there limitations to the kind of applications that I can create using the Software Development Kits in the FLIR Developer program?

The FLIR SDKs may not be used to create – or in conjunction with – any apps designed for medical/health or veterinarian-related purposes.   For more information see the SDK license agreement available on the landing page.

License Agreement Download Link

Where can I get a list of approved, publicly-released thermal imaging apps based on the FLIR ONE SDK?

Apps that have been reviewed and approved by FLIR for public release are listed at

Are there any particular types of apps that FLIR would like to see developed?

The opportunities to create apps that use thermal imaging are endless, and we’re interested in seeing apps across a broad spectrum of usage models.  The new features added in the FLIR Mobile SDK are likely to lead to particularly compelling apps in the Do-It-Yourself (DIY), connected first responder, connected utilities, and connected industry areas.

What is the FLIR Certified Developer program?

The FLIR Certified Developer program is a program by which developers can receive additional training and support from FLIR to become experts at using the FLIR ONE and/or FLIR Mobile SDKs to create mobile thermal imaging apps.  With this extra support they create increasingly more advanced mobile thermal imaging apps for their own use and they may also qualify for referrals from FLIR for contract app development for other companies.  You can get more information about the program and check out a list of current FLIR Certified Developers at

I’m interested in becoming a FLIR ONE reseller. Who do I contact?

Please contact our sales team at

Common Developer Technical Support Questions

Is the FLIR ONE SDK compatible with OpenCV?

The FLIR ONE SDK currently is not compatible with OpenCV. See here to see an unsupported workaround by the community.

How do I find the battery level of the FLIR One on iOS?

To find the battery level with FLIR ONE SDK in iOS, use the following callback:

– (void) FLIROneSDKBatteryPercentageDidChange:(NSNumber *)percentage {
self.batteryPercentage = [percentage integerValue];
[self updateUI];

How do I lock the temperature range in my application?

To lock the temperature in iOS, check here for a unsupported helper library to implement such functionality. For Android, include the following code snippet in a button handler or in your application logic.

if (false == FrameProcessor.palettesLocked()) {
} else {

See here for more information.

How do I implement the crosshairs and temperature reading similar to the one on the official stock app?

To implement crosshairs with a temperature reading like the official stock FLIR One app, First find an image of crosshairs, display it in a view that is layered on top of the thermal view, and add a text label to reflect the temperature based on the radiometric data under the crosshairs

General Developer Support Questions

I’m having a technical problem using the FLIR ONE and/or FLIR Mobile SDK. Where do I go for help?

The best way to get technical support for either SDK is to first check the Developer’s Forum on the developer site (after you sign up as a member of the FLIR Developer Program at to see if someone else has already addressed your issue, and then to post a new question if it isn’t already there.  Our technical support people monitor the forum daily and will answer any question not already addressed by other forum members. Alternatively, you can enter your question directly into our Customer Help system at and your issue will also be escalated for resolution.

I have a business or legal issue to discuss about the developer program or one of the Mobile SDKs. Who do I contact?

Please submit your question into our Customer Help system at, specifying that it’s about the FLIR Developer Program, and your issue will be forwarded to the right person for follow up and resolution.