Common questions

How can I buy a FLIR ONE?

Just visit our online store, where you can choose from iOS or Android compatible units.

Where can I download the SDK?

Right here on the FLIR ONE Developer Community website! Just go to the SDK Downloads page.

Is the FLIR One SDK Compatible with OpenCV? If it is, how do I implement it?

The FLIR ONE SDK currently is not compatible with OpenCV. We are actively working on a solution. See here to see an unsupported workaround by the community.

How do I find the battery level of the FLIR One on iOS?

To find the battery level with FLIR ONE SDK in iOS, use the following callback:

– (void) FLIROneSDKBatteryPercentageDidChange:(NSNumber *)percentage {
self.batteryPercentage = [percentage integerValue];
[self updateUI];

How do I lock the temperature range in my application?

To lock the temperature in iOS, check here for a unsupported helper library to implement such functionality. For Android, include the following code snippet in a button handler or in your application logic.

if (false == FrameProcessor.palettesLocked()) {
} else {

See here for more information.

How do I implement the crosshairs and temperature reading similar to the one on the official stock app?

To implement crosshairs with a temperature reading like the official stock FLIR One app, First find an image of crosshairs, display it in a view that is layered on top of the thermal view, and add a text label to reflect the temperature based on the radiometric data under the crosshairs.

My iPhone doesn’t charge after my FLIR One is done charging, how do I fix this?

The 2nd Generation FLIR One only supports pass- through charging if you have at least a 1A charger.