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Orientation of thermal image iOS

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    Hi im trying to figure how to rotate the full thermal image in iOS.
    By full thermal image I mean the data saved by the FLIROneSDKStreamManager method capturePhotoWithFilepath.
    I am aware that the FLIR One camera does not handle device orientation so an image taken upside down will be saved that way (upsideDown).

    I know how rotate the FLIROneSDKUIImages returned by the flirOneSDKDelegateManager:didReceive(imageOption)Data methods for display in the app this of course does not change the orientation of the stored image.

    My problem is that if I share the full thermal image saved on disc by using an UIActivityViewController the image is upsidedown if it was taken upsidedown and I cannot see a way to rotate it.

    The FLIR One iOS app is able to take image with the camera in an upsidedown orientation and then share the image
    with the image displayed correctly (not upsidedown), I am wondering how is this achieved?

    I hope this is clearly worded any help would be very much appreciated.



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    Hi Calum,

    Currently, the SDK doesn’t have a prescribed method for this. I would suggest when capturing photos, to check the device orientation and if the device is upside down to use the UIImageWriteToSavedPhotosAlbum method. This StackOverflow discusses it as well. You may have to rotate the UIimage first which is discussed here.

    If this doesn’t work for you or more questions come up please let me know.

    Thank you,
    Allison Torchia


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Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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