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post alignment of RGB and thermal image

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    Hi I’m using the flir-one sdk on android and I’m extracting both a thermal image and RGB image. I see that the RGB image resolution is not the same as the thermal, and of course they are offset physically on the flir-one pro. I do processing on the visual only image and then I want to align my results with the thermal portion.

    I guess I should crop the visual image and offset it by the center to center distance between the thermal camera and RGB camera? Really I guess what I want is separate RGB and thermal images where the FOV is aligned. I know I can get them pre-aligned but fused.

    What’s the best method to achieve this? Am I on the right track?



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    Hi Eric , can u plz post the code of extracting both thermal image and RGB image . bcz I’m getting only thermal image .

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    Hi Eric,
    Any luck with the problem ? I working on the similar use case.


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    Having the same problem here (thermal mode). The File SDK and Exiftool could not help. I don’t know how to crop and zoom the RGB image to align RGB and IR images.

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