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Problem with getting thermal image after restarting app

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    I’m trying to integrate the thermal camera with my Android app. I use Android SDK version 3.1.3 on S61 with Android 8.1.
    There is one case when the app has a problem getting thermal image.
    Steps to reproduce the issue:
    1. run app.
    2. wait for thermal image to be obtained
    3. press back to close the app.
    4. press recent button (phone’s hardware □ button) and close by swiping app out.
    5. start app again.
    6. app does not receive a thermal image.

    If step 4 is performed after about 10 seconds after leaving the app, the problem will not occur.
    Any ideas?



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    Hey Rafal,

    I’m currently investigating this issue, however it seems like it is just a glitch. I’ll continue testing to try to find a fix for you. In the meantime, I would recommend just waiting the 10 seconds so the problem doesn’t occur.

    FLIR One Community Support


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    Just want to bump this post. Wondering if anyone is having the same problem.

    I can reproduce this issue in the FlirOneExampleApplication by doing the following:

    1. Open the app
    2. Wait for thermal image to load
    4. Press recent apps button and close the app
    5. Restart the app

    Upon restarting, the thermal image will not load.

    The next time I repeat the steps, the thermal image DOES load.

    This produces the behaviour of thermal images only loading every second time the app launches.



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    Restarting your thermostat can resolve some issues, like a slow or frozen display, or help it get reconnected to the internet dqfanfeedback.


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    Hello, got the same problem. Did some one found how to fix it? Will be very appreciate.


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    Why can you not trying to restart your thermostat app or check your internet connection is working perfect or not, I had also same problem, but I was tried same process, after that thermostat app running better then before.
    Plumbers North Boronia

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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