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RawThermalImage information and extraction

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    Im having problem extracting the 'rawthermalimage' from Flir files, but I can manage to solve this with the exiftool application, Im trying to extract them using LabVIEW.
    My real problem is the raw image data interpretation. I have those images:


    Someone can explain what these ‘rawthermalimage’ means? why do I have those phase changes in the image?
    can I proccess this image in way to get the absolute temperature values from each pixel?

    thankyou very much for your attention, i`m looking forward for your answer.
    Sorry for bad english =D.



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    Ian Butler


    The banding, that you call “phase changes”, looks like the values are being interpreted with the wrong endianness. If you interpret in the opposite endianness or perform a byte-swap operation on the data, it should come out correct.

    The raw thermal is 16-bit per pixel single channel, and I believe it is big endian.


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    Topic solved,

    thank you all

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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