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Request: please fix crashes inside FLIR methods

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    Hi. I’m developing an app for FLIR ONE. I was expecting to use this camera during large periods of time but I’m experimenting issues very often that make the app crash. I could detect where BAD ACCESS EXCEPTION are thrown inside FLIR ONE Framework methods. These are the methods (I have the full callback trees in images, but it’s not allowed to attach files here):</p>
    <p>Crash 1<br />
    [RosebudAdapter FLIRRosebudDidReceiveFrame:]<br />
    -[RosebudAdapter(FPGA) newFrameFPGA:]<br />
    –[RosebudAdapter(FPGA) createDeadPixelMap:]</p>
    <p>Crash 2<br />
    [ResourceTreeAdapter openResource:actionBlock:]</p>
    <p>is it posible to avoid th crashes?<br />
    sometimes they happen on startup but I never so this issue using the official app. Here link, a posible decription of this is made but I didn’t find any information in SDK doc.<br />
    Is someone having these problems too?</p>
    <p>Any idea will be appreciated.

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    Tim Liew


    Hi Federicio,

    I see your other post which is related to this one. If it is indeed a problem, it will be addressed in future documentation.



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    Steven Bennet


    Hi Tim,

    Has there been any solution to this crash or work around?

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