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    My question may be simple but basic;

    in the function PreviewActivty::onFrameProcessed(final RenderedImage renderedImage) let us say we have two renderedImage alternatives;

    For each one we could call
    int [] thermalPixels = renderedImage.thermalPixelValues();
    For RenderedImage.ImageType.ThermalRadiometricKelvinImage the thermalPixels array length is 307200 (480×640) and (example, the first array value int the array: 32447) and for RenderedImage.ImageType.BlendedMSXRGBA8888Image the thermalPixels array length is 3110400 (1080 x 1440 x 2) (example, the first array value int the array: 2413).

    I understand the thermal pixels for the RenderedImage.ImageType.ThermalRadiometricKelvinImage (they are pixel temperatures), but what is the meaning of the thermal array for RenderedImage.ImageType.BlendedMSXRGBA8888Image ? Why the values differ and what does the size multiplier x2 stand for ?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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