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ThermalRadiometricKelvinImage gives wrong values

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    I am trying to get raw temperatures from flir one in order to make a custom heatmap on Android.
    However, everytime I try to read ThermalRadiometricKelvinImage, it gives me numbers in the range of 27500-27600 (cK) in a normal room (about 20C, which should be around 29300cK).
    I have already tried automatic and manual calibration as well (performTuning()) and tested with 2 flir one pro usb-c cameras.
    Can anyone help me or explain what I am doing wrong?

    Thank You!


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    Hi Bay,

    Have you tried also getting the celsius value and then comparing to see if its inaccurate? The room may be colder than 20C. If celsius returns a different value than Kelvin I will look into this further.

    I just want to make sure it is a problem with the command.

    FLIR Support

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    Dear Gavin,

    Thank you for your response.
    Can I get direct celsius values from the camera? I am only using ThermalRadiometricKelvinImage in order to get raw data and apply a custom lookup table on it.
    Of course when I use the stock flir one android app, the temperature readings are good in celsius, it becomes an issue only when I use the ThermalRadiometricKelvin image.
    However, the normal thermal image always changes the range of colors, this is why I have to use TRKI in order to lock the temperature lookup table to a given range.
    Or is there any other way to do that?

    Thank you

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    Hi Robert,

    Apologies for the delayed response. There is not known to be a problem with ThermalRadiometricKelvinImage, thus this problem may be due to slight variations in the camera measurements. If you want to report this issue proceed to and go to the support tab.

    Thank you,
    FLIR Community Support


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    Thanks guys. It was helpful


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    Can you share the code of manual and automatic calibration (NUC) using Flir One SDK as I was unable to find examples for the same.

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