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Whatd does the EOL of the FLIR ONE SDK mean?

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    Hey FLIR ONE app developers,

    I manage the FLIR mobile app development program and am responsible for the mobile SDKs and development tools on the website. I know that the pending EOL of the FLIR ONE SDK affects many of you so I wanted to throw out a bit more info about what to expect.

    The EOL of the FLIR ONE SDK (announced Nov 1, 2019) will happen sometime later this year and that simply means we’ll stop maintaining and supporting it. The effect will be that there won’t be any more bug fixes, new feature releases, or technical support for it, and at some point in the future apps based on it will stop working (likely because of compatibility issues with new OS releases). When it happens affected apps will need to be migrated to the FLIR Mobile SDK and re-released, and I hope that the app migration guide and training videos on the developer site will make this simple. I apologize for the inconvenience but the FLIR Mobile SDK is still available for free and since it’s quite a bit better than the FLIR ONE SDK it simply doesn’t make sense for us to continue the resource investment required to maintain both of them.

    The one thing that we’ll lose in this transition is support for the CAT S60 and S61 smart phones, which I know is important to some of you. We’re still working closely with the device manufacturer and are in discussions about adding support for future S6x devices to the FLIR Mobile SDK, but it doesn’t appear likely that S60 and S61 will be included. I apologize if this causes issues for you, and encourage you to reach out to the device manufacturer for more info at

    Stay tuned to my blog post on this site for future updates. All that said, I’d really like to hear back from you about how this EOL plan affects you, feel free to reply to this thread or drop me a note at


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