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Which ImageType rendered to onFrameProcessed first?

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    I am developing FLIR ONE application on Android.
    My application get both Visible image (VisibleAlignedRGBA8888Image)
    and Thermal image (ThermalRadiometricKelvinImage)
    from the same frame to process.
    My FrameProcessor is set as below.

    frameProcessor = new FrameProcessor(this, this, EnumSet.of(RenderedImage.ImageType.VisibleAlignedRGBA8888Image, RenderedImage.ImageType.ThermalRadiometricKelvinImage), true);

    To process two type of images,
    first @ onFrameReceived the code is

    public void onFrameReceived(Frame frame) {
    frameProcessor.processFrame(frame, FrameProcessor.QueuingOption.SKIP_FRAME);

    Second @ onFrameProcessed the code is
    public void onFrameProcessed(RenderedImage renderedImage) {
    if (renderedImage.imageType() == RenderedImage.ImageType.VisibleAlignedRGBA8888Image) {
    … (process on visible img)
    else if (renderedImage.imageType() == RenderedImage.ImageType.ThermalRadiometricKelvinImage){
    … (process on thermal img)

    All data are rendered well.
    But I don’t know which 2 images are from the same frame.
    By test on one FLIR ONE module, it seems like VisibleAlignedRGBA8888Image
    has higher priority and is always rendered before
    ThermalRadiometricKelvinImage of the same frame.

    Is it true?
    If anyone know rendering priority among different types of image, could you please share that information?

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