When you join the FLIR One Developer Program, developing applications for the FLIR One thermal imaging camera is easy and convenient. If you have a supported device, you can download the Software Development Kit (SDK) and hit the ground running. We even provide an example application to give you a model for how your apps should be written. Let’s get started!

Hardware you’ll need:

1 A thermal camera:

FLIR One Infrared Camera

The FLIR ONE comes in either Apple or Android phone versions.

Cat S60® smartphone

The S60 is an Android-powered smartphone with a built-in FLIR infrared camera.
Buy a Cat S60 or

2 A mobile device:

Apple iPhone 5/5s/6/6s or iPad

Any iOS device with a Lightning connector running iOS 7.1 or higher.

Supported Android device

Any Android device from our list of compatible devices running Android 5.X or higher will work. If you’re developing for a Cat S60, you’re already set!

3 A development workstation:

Apple XCode

XCode with iOS SDK 7.1 or higher

Android Studio

Android Studio 2.1 with Android SDK 5.0 or higher

SDK Downloads

The SDK is a software package that you’ll include in your Xcode or Android Studio project. It contains the libraries and API we’ve written to allow you to utilize the FLIR One from your code. SDK Downloads

Quick start guides

If you’re not a seasoned software developer who knows exactly where to start, that’s okay! Even if you do have plentiful development experience, a quick start guide is always helpful. These platform-specific guides should get you coding your features in no time. Quick start guide – Apple iOS platform AdvanceWorx quick start guide – Apple iOS platform Quick start guide – Android platform

SDK Documentation

We’ve authored all the documentation you need to explore the capabilities of the our SDK. You can use the online reference here on the website, or dowload them to your local machine. Reference docs – Apple iOS SDK Reference docs – Android/Cat S60 SDK