The FLIR Mobile SDK is a software development kit that enables developers to create mobile platform applications that utilize FLIR APIs to integrate thermal imaging/sensing and metering capabilities into their apps. This quick start guide will help developers understand what hardware and software they’ll need and how to get started developing apps using this SDK quickly.

Required Hardware and Software

Hardware you’ll need:

1 A mobile device:

Apple iPhone or iPad

Any iOS device running iOS 11 or above.

Supported Android device

Android 5.0 devices or above. We currently do not support CAT S60/S61 Android phones.
See this page for minimum device requirements and a list of known-compatible devices

2 A thermal camera:

FLIR ONE Thermal Camera

The FLIR ONE is available for Apple or Android devices. For Android, both Micro-USB and USB-C versions exist.

WiFi-enabled FLIR thermography cameras

The SDK supports a variety of FLIR cameras, check the compatibility list to see supported devices. Note that you can’t currently stream images from network cameras (can only import image files).
Shop thermal camerasView compatibility list
See this page for minimum device requirements and a list of known-compatible devices

3 (Optional) Meterlink-enabled FLIR meter device:

FLIR Meterlink

The SDK supports certain Meterlink-enabled test and measurement devices, enabling you to connect to them and import measurements into your apps.  Check the compatibility list below for the most current list of supported devices.
Shop test & measurement devicesView compatibility list

Software You’ll Need

An Approved Developer Account for the Platform of Your Choice

You’ll need a valid  developer account for the supported platform development environment of your choice.  We currently support Apple iOS and Google Android development.

The FLIR Mobile SDK

The SDK is a software package that you’ll include in your Xcode or Android Studio project. It contains the libraries, APIs, and sample applications we’re written to allow you to utilize the supported devices from your code.  You will be required to create a FLIR Developer account and accept the license agreement before you can download the SDK.

Additonal Developer Tools

SDK Documentation and Quick Start Guides

FLIR Mobile SDK Main Page

Training Videos

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