The FLIR ONE® SDK lets you create mobile apps for the FLIR ONE® thermal imaging camera that open doors to a whole new world.


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The FLIR One Software Development Kit (SDK) is a software package that you’ll include in your Xcode or Android Studio project. It contains the libraries and API we’ve written to allow you to utilize the FLIR One from your code. The FLIR ONE SDK is planned for end of life in 2020, being replaced by the FLIR Mobile SDK, but it is still available for download on a "by approval" basis. Please send your request for access to with a description of the app you intend to develop and a brief explanation of why the FLIR Mobile SDK isn't suitable for it.

Current SDK Releases
Android / Cat S60/S61 SDK 3.1.5
Apple iOS SDK 3.2.3

FLIR Approved Application Program

Apps that have been reviewed and approved by FLIR may be given the “FLIR Approved” status. By attaining the FLIR Approved status, this is a verification that the App conforms to FLIR’s corporate guidelines and policies for appropriate content and user experience.

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The World’s First Thermal Smartphone


For the first time ever, thermal imaging is now available straight from your smartphone with the Cat® S60/S61. Equipped with a FLIR™ Lepton camera, this world first technology allows you to bring another level of accuracy and reporting to the way you work.

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Featured app

ThermoVisual Motion Detector (TVMD) is an intelligent, easy to use application that detects thermal and/or visual motion or changes automatically by using FLIR ONE infrared camera.

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