Hey FLIR ONE App developers,

I’m excited to announce that the new 3rd generation SDK for the FLIR ONE and FLIR ONE Pro is now available on the developer site for download! With versions for both iOS and Android, these SDKs will enable your new apps to work with the Gen 2 and Gen 3 FLIR ONE and FLIR ONE Pro devices. From my work with the early developer program members I can see that an exciting, more powerful class of third party apps is emerging targeted at pro-sumers and contractors and it’s pretty inspiring to see what you guys are coming out with. Check out the FLIR ONE App page for info about the first gen 3-approved apps from Early Development Program members including SeaNav, Boat Beacon, NaviPlotter, CompassEye, Thermal Buddy Lite, and Thermal Buddy Pro. There are more really good ones right around the corner too – keep an eye out for Infragauge, Thin Blue Line, and updates to gen 2 favorites Vernier Thermal Analysis, Comfort Tracker, and ThermoVisual Motion Detector. All existing FLIR ONE apps need to be recompiled and re-released using the new SDK, and all Gen 3-enabled apps should be identified using the new Gen 3 Approved App logo so users can easily know which ones will work with the new hardware. Are you looking for a relatively fast and inexpensive way to get your new FLIR ONE app developed and approved? Ask me about our FLIR ONE app templates for iOS and Android at!

FLIR-approved-Gen3-ProI also want to give you a heads up that beginning in 2018 developers of apps that take advantage of the FLIR ONE Pro advanced features that also charge users a fee for their apps will start paying a nominal fee to FLIR for rights to use those features in their apps. The fee will be a reasonable portion of those fees collected by the developer from the app users and will be payable quarterly. The benefits the developer will receive include use of the advanced features in the SDK, use of the Gen3 FLIR Approved Pro App logo, promotion of the apps by FLIR, and enhanced technical support from the FLIR developer team. Details about this fee and the benefits will be available on the developer site shortly.

To close I’m excited that the new SDK is on the streets, and I’d like to send a huge shout out to the 16 participants in the Early Developer program. Their efforts are very much appreciated! If you’re working on an app and want some feedback or help you can post to the developer’s forum or drop me a note directly at

Happy developing!