Hey FLIR ONE developers,

I have some fun stuff to share with you! Here’s a glimpse into what’s new in the FLIR ONE apps world this month:

First, new apps!

There are some great new FLIR ONE apps coming out this month. Newly approved apps including Thermal Camera for FLIR ONE, Vernier Thermal Analysis for FLIR ONE, iOS and Android versions of NovaVision for FLIR ONE, and Remote Thermal Cam for FLIR ONE have either already hit the app stores or will any moment now. Additionally, Mu-eye Therm for FLIR ONE and EquiCheck for FLIR ONE are expected very soon. Congratulations to the developers of these cool and useful apps – we’ll be talking them up on our social channels in the next few weeks! Even more props go out this month to new Featured Developer NovaCoast and to Guido and Pablo Pusiol, the developers of new Featured App Thermix for FLIR ONE!

Second, awesome events!

We’re sponsoring a hacker and a maker challenge at SB Hacks April 22nd to 24th in conjunction with our friends from Group Gets – can’t wait to see what the students do with FLIR ONE and Lepton! Even bigger, momentum is building big time for the upcoming HACK THE HEAT hacker and maker challenges in San Francisco (May 13th to 15th) and London (June 17th to 19th). We’ve partnered with AngelHack on these events and they’re going to be bigger and better than the 2015 BRING THE HEAT events. Awesome venues, really cool tech and great prizes – we hope to see you there!

Third, maker support!

We’re excited to launch the Lepton maker site, an online community where makers can come together to explore, learn, create, and show what they can do. Integrating the Lepton thermal imager gives makers the ability to put the power of thermal into play in many different ways. Hit the site now to see what other makers have done with Lepton and to get access to all the tools and resources you’ll need to create some magic of your own!

Finally, growth!

We’ve noticed a big uptick in developer registrations and forum posts on the FLIR ONE Developer Forum – a sure sign things are heating up even more. It’s really encouraging to see how the developer community is helping each other, and to help make sure you all get what you need we’ve bolstered our support team with the goal of making sure your posts get addressed within 48 hours.

Happy developing!

Cal Loo
Developer Relations Manager
FLIR Systems