Hey FLIR developers,

As I write this we’re deep into the fight against the global COVID-19 pandemic and I hope that you’re all safe, healthy, and secure wherever you may be. We’re all in this together with many of us working from home, and I’m personally feeling very appreciative of the healthcare workers and others providing essential services for their efforts in the face of any potential risks. Ready for a little good news today? After months of hard work by participants and careful deliberation by the team of judges, I’m excited to announce the results of the Global Thermal Mobile App Challenge hosted by our friends at KreativDistrikt!

I’ll start by offering my congratulations to the Software Control AS team from Norway for winning the Connected Industry category prize with their iDoc Thermal Reporting Tool! The version of iDoc based on the FLIR Mobile SDK integrates thermal imaging functionality into an intuitive app for electrical inspections, and it also adds the ability to bring in readings from Meterlink-enabled clamp meters. Great work, Software Control AS!

iDoc Thermal Reporting Tool

Next, congratulations to Devrim Onder and Mobile Toys & Tools from Turkey for winning the DIY & Energy Efficiency category prize with his Pipe Tracker app! Pipe tracker is an innovative app based on the FLIR Mobile SDK that helps DIY homeowners and remodeling contractors use thermal imaging to locate and analyze hot and cold pipes in existing buildings and make in-app plans for changing the layout of them as needed. Also, by adding support for Meterlink-enabled moisture meters they enable contractors to include data and images about moisture damage in their reports to make it easier for clients to understand what repairs may be needed. Congratulations on a really good idea and app, Devrim!

Pipe Tracker

Next, congratulations to the Beinfive SL team in Spain for winning the Wildcard category prize with their Degree2Act app. The Degree2Act app allows pig breeders, veterinarians, and researchers to use thermal imaging to proactively identify pigs with altered temperatures, enabling them to individually treat those animals at an early stage, before they can infect others. This permits pig breeders to significantly reduce the amount of antibiotics required for disease control.  The version of Degree2Act that uses the FLIR Mobile SDK will allow farmers to use higher-performance thermal cameras with WIFI capability and new rugged smartphones in addition to FLIR ONE devices.  Great job, team Beinfive!


Honorable mentions, I offer my congratulations and a nod of the head to the Kalor Metrics team in Iceland for their work on the Thermal Inspector app and also to the Information Experience AB team in Sweden for their work on the Thermal Photogrammetry Inspection app. Really good work teams, I look forward to helping promote your apps as they get closer to production release!

Thermal Inspector

Thermal Photogrammetry Inspection App

And finally, congratulations from all of us at FLIR to the Beinfive SL team in Spain for winning the USD $5,000 Grand Prize with their updated Degree2Act app! We’re excited to work with you Xavier, Sofia, Dani, and I’m personally proud of you for the great work you’re doing to improve the world through better herd management practices!

Degree2Act Logo

This App Challenge has been a really fun and productive global online hackathon, it was awesome getting solid submissions from all over the world and I’d like to thank everyone that participated. Looks like a clean sweep by the teams from Europe this time, we’ll see which region steps up next time. All of the apps mentioned above are still in varying degrees (pardon the pun) of development, and the versions I’ve described are not publicly available as of yet. Stay tuned here, I’ll share more info about them as allowed by the developers and let you know when they’re available for you to check out.

So, FLIR developers, what other cool mobile thermal apps are you cooking up? I’m especially interested in creative new uses of WiFi thermal imagers and Meterlink-enabled electrical and moisture meters, drop me a note at cal.loo@flir.com to tell me what you’re up to!

FLIR App Gallery

Happy developing and stay safe,