Hey iOS developers, We’re getting a number of questions and comments about the fact that the simulator in the Gen 3 iOS SDK does not work so I wanted to post another heads up about this and try to save some of you the time and effort of trying to figure it out on your own.  It’s documented in the SDK release notes that we don’t currently support the simulator so it’s necessary to develop for a physical device:
  • Known Issue: Presently, the FLIR One SDK only supports development and testing for physical devices. The simulated devices available through Xcode are not supported.
I’m sorry we can’t currently support the simulator, I know it would make life easier for many of you. We do intend to release an updated SDK in the near future that will support the simulator and add some additional features you guys have been asking for – and some really cool ones that you haven’t asked for yet – but I can’t give you a timeline on that quite yet.  It’s a major development effort on this end, it’s been on the plan for a while now, and preparing for it is the reason the simulator doesn’t work in the current version.  In the interim I can offer two things: 1.) if you don’t have a physical iOS device to develop for let me know by email at cal.loo@flir.com and I’ll find a way to help you, and 2.) we’re going to run another Early Developer Program for the new SDK when the time is right and if you want to be involved drop me an introductory email and stay tuned for the chance to sign up for the program. Feel free to drop me an email directly with further questions and feedback on this. Happy developing, Cal   Cal Loo FLIR Systems Global developer relations manager