The 30+ apps that have been developed and launched for the FLIR ONE so far have demonstrated innovative and interesting ways that consumers can use thermal imaging, and frankly the developers behind those apps are breaking new ground.

There are literally millions of consumers out there using smartphones and tablets every day that are hungry for new ways to use them, and the majority of those people don’t even know what they could use thermal imaging for.  At $249 the FLIR ONE is a groundbreaking, affordable, and easy to use accessory that opens doors for whole new consumer usage models for these devices, and third party apps from developers like you are the key to opening the door to those millions of users.  Innovative, compelling new thermal imaging apps have untold potential in this new space and that’s very exciting to us.

Want to know something even more exciting?  With the release of the Cat S60 smart phone (which has a thermal imager built right into it) and the awesome industry and consumer response to it, some very important barriers to consumer adoption of thermal imaging and thermal imaging apps have been removed.

First, owners of phones with embedded thermal imagers don’t have to cough up extra money for a separate accessory to use thermal imaging apps.

Second, they no longer have to carry and plug in a separate device to access the functionality that thermal imaging offers.  This, combined with the fact that developers can just build one app that uses either the Cat S60 or the Android FLIR ONE, means the doors of opportunity just opened wider for developers creating consumer thermal imaging apps.  It’s very exciting to imagine where this could go!