How’s it going, FLIR ONE app developers?

 The ThermoVisual Motion Detector Android app by Mobile Toys and Tools was just chosen as the winner of the Q1 FLIR ONE app contest – congratulations to Devrim Onder!  ThermoVisual Motion Detector harnesses the power of thermal imaging in a creative and useful way as a personal security device that’s well worth checking out at a very reasonable price.  Devrim won a new CAT S60 smartphone with integrated Lepton – if you aren’t familiar with it you really should check it out.   Using the S60 and this creative app you can monitor a private area for intruders while you’re away for extended periods of time and be notified if someone goes where they shouldn’t – and this app has the intelligence to cut down on false alarms by ensuring that the intruder is a person as opposed to something smaller like a dog or cat.

You can check out ThermoVisual Motion Detector and other cool FLIR ONE apps at the FLIR Apps Gallery.

Think about it for a minute – how cool is it that you can harness the power of thermal imaging and a smartphone to intelligently secure an area while you’re away?  There are over 40 creative FLIR ONE apps on the iOS and Android markets today, and with the upcoming launch of the consumer and professional versions of the third generation FLIR ONE I’m aware of some great new apps currently in development.  Do you have ideas for potentially great FLIR ONE apps but need some guidance or help getting them developed?  Drop me a note at and I’ll help you any way I can – including lending hardware if needed and/or connecting you to one of several very capable and dependable FLIR-Certified developers that can develop an app for you.

Happy developing!